Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spirited Away


As soon as he was allowed outside, Spirit became a happy cat. Unfortunately, he started regularly accessing the neighbor's house through their cat door, and when poor old diabetic Mr. S went to pet him, Spirit attacked. This 80+-year-old man has a massively infected hand, bright red and swollen to twice its normal size. He's been to the doctor and everything. These are the sweetest neighbors I've ever had, and after a couple of years of doting on each other's cats and helping each other out, I was horrified to find out about this turn of events. I apologized profusely and want to do more.

I brought Spirit inside as soon as I saw him and did not allow him out again.

This angered him greatly. Spirit is not a cat nature ever intended to be indoors. His indoor temperament (combined with his massive size and strength) is the reason he was on the euthanasia list at the shelter when I brought him home. He was so miserable and angry that he could not settle down. He yearned to get outside, he terrorized the dogs, he attacked and threatened the humans. The kids became fearful, and I had to throw a blanket over him to move him out of doorways so we could all pass. He was the angriest, unhappiest, most miserable cat I've ever seen.

After doing what was hard for me because it was best for him, Spirit allowed me to briefly pet him, rub his cheek, and he gave me a quick kiss on the hand. He then promptly screamed bloody murder and went into full attack mode when I put him in the travel crate to take him to his new life. He is now a barn cat out in the country and I'm sure is very happy. But my heart is a bit broken.

Spirit, a piece of me is still with you. I never wanted it to be this way.

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