Friday, October 12, 2007

New Moon and New Path

Pagans and astrologers know that important activities are best begun just after the New Moon. While I didn't plan it this way, I've ended up on just such a path. Last night was the new moon; after a shocking and scary day, I gazed up at the dark sky and its deepness helped me to let my fear go. I fell asleep visualizing security, stability, and money. (How spiritual of me, no?)

Life is changing and I am taking on the challenge of becoming a creative entrepreneur in order to hang onto the crazy beautiful life my little family has. So entertwined with homeschooling that they cannot be separated, this sweet and full family life is fully capable of expanding to include these new endeavors. I'm thinking positive, laughing and smiling with the kids, and hanging on tight for this wild ride.

And on a more matter-of-fact note, if anyone has any ideas for how to increase my earned income by at least $600 a month while still homeschooling, feel free to post them here. I have a long brainstorming list going and am tackling items one by one. :)

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