Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am suddenly writing all the time; I've filled pages and pages of creative writing, I've submitted several non-fiction pieces to Associated Content, I whipped a press release out of my butt (heart? brain?) in record time. I'm needing to restrain myself from starting on my NaNoWriMo novel, but am jotting down plot notes as they come to me so I won't explode. No prose, though, I swear!

I feel full of spiritual energy; I've been connecting with beings around me more than ever before. I'm feeling pulled to more action than I have for a long time. The Tao is sucking me in and pulling me along where I am supposed to go. I'm reading and thinking and feeling and soaking up every morsel I can, and I'm never full.

I did a Tarot reading for myself tonight that helped me clarify several things and see my path more clearly. I don't know that these cards have divinatory powers; I think rather they may enhance one's own divinatory powers and can be a useful tool to enhance one's intuition and insight.

The other day when everything fell apart, I ran into someone at a time and place when I had deliberately sought solitude and secrecy for my tears. I shared only a little, and declined the friendly help she offered. Unfortunately, another piece of bad news slammed me the next day and I felt I had nowhere to turn. Then I remembered the serendipitous meeting and...I asked her for help. It was very hard. It was very different. And it was very worth it.

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