Sunday, October 14, 2007

Death is part of life

We had two fosterlings die within a short period of time not too long ago, and both were hard on us. Despite the sadness involved, everyone in the family wants to continue fostering, saying that the love, and joy, and laughter outweighs the grief, and that those we could not save will have another chance someday.

Unfortunately, we cannot bury everyone on our small piece of land, so we give most back to the animal shelter. However, we buried pictures Marian drew along with multicolored locks of Scarlett's hair, and sang our traditional funeral song at graveside:

Fur and feathers and scales and skin
Different without but the same within
Many a body but one the soul
By all creatures are the gods made whole

(from Circle Round)

Then we say goodbye, hope to see ya later, and wish them safe journeys while assuring them they are welcome to stay as long as they need.

Peace, babies.

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