Monday, December 31, 2007


My year in review, my way.

Learning: I stayed on track with my college course work, the kids moved forward in leaps and bounds with their academics, I began writing more, began learning Tarot, and I learned I was capable of withstanding one of my most challenging life experiences so far.

Loving: I've showered love on my children all year. I've fostered almost 60 cats and kittens for a total of over 1200 days and loved every one of them. I've gently fostered my friendships; this is big for me with my trust issues, and I feel I have done better showing love to important adults in my life this year than before. I've loved myself this year as well, getting into therapy, starting antidepressants, writing, and working to be patient with myself as I navigated some major road hazards in life.

Laughing: Oh, lots of laughing! Kids, cats, dogs, friends, online communities, shows and movies. I find laughter every day. And yin to the yang, I have also cried more and let some deep stuff finally come see the light.

Living: I have certainly lived an interesting life this past year. (Damn Chinese curse. lol) Some have expressed to me their disbelief and sense of unfairness at some of the big things that have happened in my life this year. I'm doing okay, though, and I don't feel unfairly singled out by the universe, or as though I've been given more than my fair share to deal with. My kids are healthy and happy, our home is warm, we have food to eat, we have critters to love and help, I'm pursuing my education. It could be a lot worse, you know? My path has never been easy, and I don't know why, but it doesn't feel wrong. I think over lifetimes it must all balance out. And while my external circumstances might look hard and unfair to some, I think my internal strength and happiness are more than many have. So even in this life it is balanced out. I'm okay with that.

This coming year I want to continue to show my love for myself by focusing on my earthly body as well as my spiritual and mental innards. Other than that, I'll continue focusing on learning, loving, laughing , and living. Can't go wrong there.

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