Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eve Eve

The eye's healing well.

My five year old son can roll his r's like an adult native Spanish speaker. It's quite impressive. And really funny when he randomly throws them into English words like, "Carrrrrrrrrot."

Last night he woke up with his feet hurting (aka growing) and crashed out with me in the living room for a bit while I watched That 70s Show. Half asleep, he heard Kitty's voice and said drowsily with his eyes closed, "I like her voice a lot. It sounds tickly."

I miss George--the foster cat that was supposed to stay. If he comes into my life again, I won't be letting him go.

My kids are incredible little people. They are just so interesting and deep and quirky and funny and smart and sensitive and wonderfully weird.

I'm happy.

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