Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Suki With a View

"On the other side of the everlasting Toyota, there is a yes! And a yes! And a yes!"

Okay, so only the literary geeks will get that blasphemous paraphrase, but I don't mind.


Suki is my beloved, crotchety, moody old car, whose molecules hold memories of my family in good times and bad, on road trips and in town, in burning sage and in vomit. We stroke her soothingly when she has a hard time starting, we reassure her that we don't mind that she's slowed down in her old age. 18 years and 270,000 miles and she's no spring chicken, but she's OUR wrinkled old hen and we love her.

To you, Suki. We'll get you to 400,000 miles yet.

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