Monday, July 28, 2008

Safe House

I think the local animals have all marked my mailbox and tree with big urinary indicators that flash "Safe house! Safe house!"

Look who was waiting for us at the mailbox when we stepped out today.


Pardon the crappy pictures. They were a bit squirmy.

Surely these sweet little Maltese girls are missed. We've canvassed the neighborhood with no takers yet, but I'm hoping their people are just at work. The girls' feet are dirty, they were hungry and thirsty, and the little one is thin and matted. I'm printing fliers as I type.

Wish them luck!


  1. at first I thought it looked like Penny :( There cute though :)but not as cute as Penny grrrrrr <3

  2. They do remind me a lot of Penny, and Leoi says their breath is the same as hers. lol Even the bigger one is smaller than Penny was, though. It's nice having them here, but I hope their people call soon.

  3. they're so cute...

    good luck to you!

  4. Didn't I tell you this would happen??!!??

    These animals Love you!

    I hope you find their people.

  5. If there people haven't been found by the time you go to WA I can watch them for you :)

  6. If their people haven't showed up asking for them by the time you come out here, bring 'em along--but ask Dad first!

    Love, Ma

  7. Either dogs are putting the word out to go to your place or people are :)

    Cute dogs!


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