Friday, July 4, 2008

Love & Hope

Laundromat time is prime reading time in our family and we always pass the time by reading stacks and stacks of books. Among many others, some of yesterday's reads included:

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Yesterday while reading Moon and Otter and Frog, we came upon a section that talked about the existence of things we cannot see. I asked the kids, "What exists that we can't see? Can you think of anything?" Without missing a beat, Marian answered, "Love." And Leo simultaneously said, "Hope."


When asked yesterday if I was happy with my life, I responded with a resounding YES! I love my life and see way more positives than negatives. I'm very fulfilled with motherhood, homeschooling, pet fostering, my work, my school, my friends, my family, my community. I love my temperamental and crotchety home and car, my small town neighborhood, my stark valley. I'm putting down roots and spreading my wings and it is lovely.

(forgive the cellphone cam)

So. Are you happy?


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