Monday, September 24, 2007

Holy Efficient Monday, Catwoman

Today I made countless phone calls, endless copies, filled out many forms, made and attended appointments, and completed a to-do list comprised of many previously procrastinated items, including one very large one that I've been putting off for almost a year. Woo!

Bo and Annie got adopted today! Ah, such relief, joy, happiness, bittersweet goodbyes, and more.

Another new cat at the shelter today, and this one got to me. (Believe it or not, not all of them do.) A woman in Crestone moved away and left her 10+ cats to fend for themselves. (Insert %$@^%^% here.) The neighbors have been leaving out food and water, but brought this one in today; I'm not sure what they will do with the others. Black and white male who is literally skin and bones. I was very surprised to weigh him in at 5 pounds; I'd expected him to be much less. I dewormed him, fed him some Nutri-Cal, and gave him some canned food which he snarfed as though he hadn't eaten in months. After I gave him a much needed bath, I checked his eyes, ears, skin, and mouth as a matter of routine. Poor dude has almost no teeth! He is clearly much older than anyone thought, and now we have a simple explanation as to why he was wasting away in the presence of dry food. There is no way he could eat it.

I cannot get this cat out of my head. He doesn't have the strength of a 3-week-old kitten, he falls over if you blow on him (practically), his meow is pathetic, he is incredibly ugly to the rest of the world. But he looked at me with soulful eyes; this is a cat who has loved and been loved, and I don't understand how he has come to be here at this place in his life. He purred a rusty purr for me alone today. If I had the room, I'd have brought him home to foster starting today, but I'm full up and I know it, so I will care for him daily at the shelter for now. I've already made him a bed softer than that of any other cat in the place, and I put a big note on his door instructing everyone to make sure he gets fed canned food at least twice a day. Poor old man kitty.

I know I'm not writing much about the kids today, but have no fear. They are doing well. Leo insisted on reading me several books this afternoon, I read them several Greek myths and Chinese legends, as well as chapters in both our read-alouds. We talked about everythign under the sun (and beyond it), and learned lots today. I'll take notes again someday soon to give you a more detailed peek. We learn so much each day that if I don't constantly jot thigns down, I can never recount them all later.

And last but not least. Happy birthday, Jim Henson. Thank you for all the laughter.
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