Sunday, September 16, 2007

Finally Friday

9-14-07 Friday

This morning we took a foster kitty to the vet to get his tail amputated, then we watched Emergency Vets (nice connection there, huh? :lol) and Animal Cops: Detroit. Marian and Leo listened to some Amelia Bedelia audiobooks while following along in our library books, while Sophie and I cleaned out a cat cage in preparation for a large influx of foster kitties this weekend. (6 feral kittens instead of 3, who will be euthanized if they are at the shelter on Monday.) We got a letter from the local homeless shelter in the mail, and Marian and Leo want to help them out. They’ve both donated their money in the past and both want to again, and in addition we decided to organize a large-scale collection if we can get the homeschool group in on it. They supervised while I posted to the homeschool yahoo group. We went to the animal shelter for 2 hours, where we syringe-fed baby kittens, they helped me medicate kittens, and they climbed trees while took pictures of the new dogs for the website, then we all went into the cat building to love on everyone there.

We saw part of the local small town Homecoming parade, read about "The Flowers of Logres" in The Arthurian Tarot, listened to an interesting show on NPR about our physical and spiritual connections with water, which touched on both homeopathy and dousing, and we listened to more of the Tao Te Ching. After we picked up the kitten and examined his tail stub and stitches, the kids played in the backyard for an hour or so and I was completely uninvolved and have no idea what they did. (Ahhh, alone time!) Marian tried out the paint she made from mashed berries off our bushes and is now microwaving it and will let it cool in an attempt to brighten the color. The little ones are having “water science” aka playing in the bathtub. We have the “Soundscapes” music channel playing through the house…. Very yoga-friendly, meditative, instrumental music. I love it.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Marian spent hours adding onto the fairy playhouse she’s. There are doors, windows, skylights, fences, lots of flowers, a yard, trapdoors, and more. She’s not done yet. :D

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