Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Gay is Contagious

Clay Aiken finally made his obvious status public, and Lindsay Lohan is dating a cutie.


You go, girls!

Now, why couldn't that hot barista from last year catch it, huh?

On a sadder note, I was witness to a nasty lady yelling "Faggot" to a sweet flamboyant man today when she didn't get her way. I guess I've been sheltered lately, because it shocked me to my core.


  1. where the heck did that happen at??? weird, eh she's probally just freaked out that someone will find out what she did in college lol ;)

  2. I added links for ya. :)

  3. Yikes, that would have thrown me for a loop, too. I'm really glad I moved my kids to a very liberal part of town so that they can be sheltered for a while longer.

    I thought of you the other day when one of Alex's classmate's mothers very non-nonchalantly referred to her children's other mother. It felt good that the assumption was that it wouldn't be an issue, you know?

  4. Good for them!

    I'm slightly concerned in Linsey's case that it's more fashionable to come out lately and that she's done it for publicity reasons but I'm glad she's out. Clay, too.

    No one should feel (or be made to feel) like they have to hide their homosexuality.

  5. LOL I was talking about the nasty lady in town not the celebs :) hehe mean people suck


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