Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blessing Patrol

n. Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity

American Heritage Dictionary

The beautiful rainbows that ended in the wind farm, and the children's delight at the clean energy being the pot of gold.

The downpour that quenched the earth's thirst, darkened the 8pm sky to pitch black, and provided contrast and increased appreciation for the light of day.

The semi truck driver who led me safely to within 10 miles of my destination, when I could barely see in the pouring rain, black sky, and early night of the last hour of my drive.

My car for getting us there safely, and her windshield wipers for doing their best.

The napkins that caught the leaks from the windshield, and kept my leg mostly dry; the windows that only needed to be partially cracked to keep the windshield unfogged; my warm and dry children and my mostly dry navigation papers.

My neck which is responding well to stretching and is currently letting out its kinks.

My lovely laptop, Sheba, who is connecting me to others.

Joseph, for my renewed awareness of the joys my children bring me. There is, indeed, always more joy to be found.

My children, of course, who are fabulous travel companions, inquisitive learners, generous souls, and fellow humorists.

My family of origin, who never left my mind today. My dad, for wanting to know I'm safe, for sending me mail he knows I'll love, and for letting me in. My mom for her laughter and tears, and more laughter. My sister for her metamorphosis, her strength, and her beauty.

My critters who are waiting for me.

My friends who don't expect too much or too little, who don't let me take too much or too little, and who know how hard it can be to ask for help.

Myself. Because I'm awesome.

It's been a long day. Another long day in paradise. :)


  1. Long days are always better than short boring ones :D

  2. Thank you for your list, my precious LuLu. I learned from it, as I continue to learn from you. And Corey, Joseph is a family friend who is very wise and kind.

    Love, Mom


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