Monday, January 28, 2008


I had several lovely massages today by two of my favorite people. One of them actually got all the knots out of my upper back, a feat that's been accomplished only a handful of times in my life. The kicker? The masseuse is four years old. I say she's found her calling.

Today I had some fantastic quality time with a giant spirit trapped in a small boy's body. Snuggling, wrestling, laughing, talking, gazing, massaging, and intense sharing of love and energy. Quite an incredible soul. I'm honored to know him and call him son.

Sound quality is poor, but he's singing "Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream", and little girl is singing her ABCs. And yes, short-sleeved S is nuts.

My eight-year-old is amazing. She received a $50 check from her grandparents for her birthday and immediately decided to donate it to La Puente, the valley's homeless shelter and homeless prevention outreach. Instead of donating it immediately, she is working on collecting and saving more funds until she has at least $100 to donate. She's going to write letters to some of the businesses in town, she sold some of her clay creations and she's considering putting some listings on eBay as well. When I was 8, I thought about baby dolls and fighting with my sister. My girl thinks about the world.

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