Saturday, February 2, 2008


I'm procrastinating. At least my blog benefits, right?

The other night I had a lovely 45 minute massage. I had three kids working on me--head, back, and feet. They rotated so nobody got tired and I was in heaven. They offer, I don't ask, and I give them the option to mute my "feel good noises" if they choose. And lucky me, they've all decided that this is one of their favorite family activities EVER. Woohoo!

My 8-year-old had her first business meeting on Thursday. She had a lunch meeting with the head of the homeless shelter/homeless prevention outreach, because word got back to him that she's doing a collection. One person has already agreed to not only match, but double her personal donation of $50, so now she's up to $160 or so. In addition, someone is writing an article for the newspaper (and took pictures at the meeting), so I wouldn't be surprised to see more donations pouring into M's collection. When she's done collecting and makes the donation, they want to use it for something specific and special so she can see how many people are affected by her good deed (they're talking about a large spaghetti dinner with games for the kids, and Marian in attendance of course.)

Statistics homework is pissing me off. It isn't the subject matter that's tripping me up, it's the damn software I have to use. As if the subject matter isn't enough, they have to throw complicated user-unfriendly pain-in-the-a$$ technology in there too. Thbbpppbb.

I have an interesting foster kitten right now. She's probably 3-4 months old, but small for her age. When she came to me, she was nearly frozen, with ice hanging from her tail and fur, a nasty eye infection with pus frozen to her eyeballs, and she was extremely emaciated. I didn't expect her to make it, but so far she's hanging in there. The odd thing as that once she thawed out a little, she was purring and happy to be getting loving from me. Once I got her eyes cleared up and she could see again, she realized that I was human and she was feral. That was the first time I'd had to tame a feral kitten whom I'd already had purring in the sling. lol She also has curly-tipped ears like a Scottish fold, but Frank at the shelter thinks it's probably frostbite. The skin on them is now changing, so I think I agree. She's an interesting little critter.

Well, back to transcription. Only 80% of it left to go.

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