Monday, July 13, 2009

So long. Farewell. Goodbye, Suki.

During months languishing in the alley, naked without her tags, empty of children and laughter, Suki had to content herself with glimpses of her family peeking at her over the fence and occasionally coming out to pet her and reminisce with her.

Now, Suki's long wait is over. After discounting junk yards and demolition derbies as incompatible with Suki's spirit, we decided to donate her to the nonprofit La Puente, where she will be reincarnated into funds to help the homeless. She hitched a ride on a tow truck, and we followed behind in the Subaru and remembered all the other times we'd seen Suki on a tow truck (and there were a LOT of times). After the necessary paperwork, we bid her farewell with smiles and waves and petting and bumper-sticker reading. She was happy.

Goodbye, Suki.

The End.

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