Friday, January 16, 2009

Ah, productivity. How I've missed thee.

I finally finished up my last class from last semester, just in time to start the new one on Tuesday. I'll savor my kid-free day tomorrow and call it winter break. Heh.

I submitted my grad school application, resume, and application essay, and two of the three letters of recommendation are on their way, as are all my official transcripts. Letter number three is in the works and out of my hands, so all I have left is to take the GRE. It was postponed until next month, so I have a little extra time to beef up my brain a bit. All my eggs are in one basket here, with the non-profit management program at CU-Denver being the only program I want to attend. So visualize success for me, okay? Hopefully in a couple months or less I'll be posting here that I was accepted.

I'm finally beating back the bronchitis, strep, and laryngitis with some gusto and am able to enjoy the kid-free time that my desperation resulted in. The kids have been with their paternal grandparents for five days now, and I have just over one full day left before their return. This is the longest we've ever been apart, but I've been talking to them daily, and they are having a great time. Their behavior is getting rave reviews from the grown-ups, and the gluten-free food is getting rave reviews from the kids. A doting martyr mom would post here about how much she misses her fabulous little darlings, but I'm really enjoying how the sink is staying empty, the food is lasting days on end, and the house is staying clean. I've been to the movies twice and out to dinner once, and the house is so quiet. So wonderfully quiet. You all know I adore my kids, but I'd forgotten all about my friend, Solitude. Oh, a good friend she is. We'll meet again someday.



  1. visualizing success, sending you more healing energy, and just really, really happy for you, friend...sounds good over there.

  2. And its a good mom that realizes all of this :)


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