Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Pigeon

A week ago, my friend Steve (who also happens to be the town's sole animal control), showed up on my doorstep with an injured pigeon. It must be a sign of my well-known sucker character that the first place he'd take a bird is to the cat lady's house.

Steve and I had a good laugh and then together named him Jonathon Livingston Pigeon.

He came to me with a bum leg, and back wound, and an inability to fly. He's been eating and drinking well, and yesterday flew a short low distance (while Marian and I raced to tackle the stalking cat which motivated his efforts) and had slightly more mobility in his bum leg. (No fractures that I can find.)

And best of all? Today he pecked both me and Marian for the first time, so it seems his uncharacteristic docility and trust of humans may be coming to an end--, something I welcome wholeheartedly.

(He deposited that poo just for you, as I moved him around for a better picture angle. Enjoy.)


  1. a bird at a cat rescue house...oh whit...you make the world a good place to be. <3

  2. Go Jonathon! Get better quick!


  3. He's beautiful! Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery! I bet he can't wait to leave the house of cats!

  4. I'm curious. What are you feeding the pigeon?

  5. He's thriving off of raw popcorn, rice, and split peas, with some grit for good digestion. He drinks lots of water, too.

  6. He's beautiful. I had two parakeets for a while, I miss them. My cat Jack used to lay on top of their cage just to freak them out!

  7. I know from experience that pigeons like popped popcorn too.

    Love, Ma

  8. Makenna wants to know how Jonathon's doing.


  9. Hey Kev and Makenna,

    Jonathon's doing well. A local bird person told us that he is actually a she, so apparently we have a girl bird named Jonathon. lol

    Her leg has healed well and is almost normal, she's eating a pooping like a bird pro, the wound on her back is healing nicely, and she has shown us she can fly short distances. However, she always hops or flies up the steps and straight to the front door to be let back in the house. We're hoping she'll fly away someday and join a pigeon family but are keeping an eye out for a human forever home just in case, too.

    We've tried to keep her wild, rarely handling her and keeping our distance, but she likes us anyway. Her docility has returned full-force and she walks toward us instead of away, rarely pecks, and is content being picked up. Very odd.


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