Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Words, Finally

I can't explain my absence. I've had many things worth writing about, but haven't had the inclination to write them for some reason. I'm getting an A so far in statistics (and my other class), I'm parenting wonderfully, and I'm undergoing significant spiritual growth. I think anyone who reads and absorbs The Law of Attraction and Seth Speaks at the same time is going to have a lot on their mind, and I do.

Since I last wrote, my boy turned six, my big girl lost another tooth and grew in a new one, my ex showed his worst side yet, I reconnected with lots of family and friends from Texas, M's learned to sew, L's cooking skills have increased dramatically, S has gotten even cuter, Gus has learned absolutely nothing, Cesar has mellowed, two long-term fosters have gotten adopted out of my home, curly-tailed cat is living with me temporarily, and I've learned a lot about many things.

L loves his new binoculars.

M loves hiking.

S loves me.

M spent leftover Christmas and birthday money on her favorite new toy EVER. Meet the Harry Potter 20 Questions Electronic Game. It's been awesome for her reading skills.

Walter has his first snuggle buddy. Grumpy old Walter and clumsy little Toby. (M took this picture.)

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